With a background in gymnastics and contemporary dance Anja was
introduced to Ashtanga yoga in 2002. The Ashtanga tradition provided her
with a good knowledge of the “asanas” (postures), and a first
insight into how an intense and challenging yoga practice can
help one extend one’s boundaries and break old patterns. Looking
for more variety in sequence, pace, and energetic impact Anja then
tried out different styles of yoga and studied with various teachers.
In 2005 she completed her yoga teacher training in Berlin and has
been teaching yoga since. In 2008 Anja led a yoga teacher training at
the Paracelsus School for Alternative Medicine while continuing with her
regular classes in Berlin. Besides she taught as a guest at the Yoga You
studio in Palma, Mallorca. After deepening her meditation practice at the
OSHO meditation resort in India Anja worked as yoga teacher and massage
therapist for Amfibie Treks (www.amfibietreks.com) in Sardinia, Italy
from May to September 09. In October she was commissioned to give yoga
classes and ayurvedic massages at the Blogfest in Riva del Garda, Italy.
Back in Berlin Anja is looking to put an emphasis on her work at her home
base while offering yoga workshops abroad in the future.