YOGA- being on the way
I teach a style of yoga that combines dynamic and still movement
with breathing practice, also known as vinyasa flow. As I wish to
encourage students to develop more awareness for what they need,
I start the lesson off by asking them to set an intention for
their practice. Taking responsibility for how you practise yoga
is a key aspect of what I wish to pass on. I feel that yoga should
be fun, open our hearts and create more space in our bodies and
minds so that we feel light, yet grounded. It should lead us
towards using more intuitive knowledge and less force. Yoga is
related to the word yoke, unite. Bringing together the elements
within us that are at times disconnected is a challenging journey.
Every day we can approach where we are with a sense of play,
curiosity, and sincerity. I would like to guide people towards
developing their own practice. Private sessions for people with
specific requests are welcome.

MASSAGES- to encourage and balance the energetic flow
Trained in Holistic and Ayurvedic Marma massage as well as in Reiki
I give treatments with warm sesame oil, individually restoring the client’s energetic
balance based on a combination of acquired skills and intuition.
the energetic balance based on ayurvedic principles.